Good luck Uve!

It has been two years since Sander had an intake interview with Uve
from Estonia. We managed to find a suitable, great project for him,
working as Captain on a shoalbuster.
On the shoalbuster Uve worked with a mainly Dutch crew, but luckily this
didn’t turn out to be any problem at all. On the contrary, Uve made
friends and new connections during his time on this project.
Uve has done great other projects via Delta Marine Crewing, for example,
this photo was taken when he was in Seville and more recently Uve has
been involved in the expansion of a port in Egypt.

The relationship with our client in the past two years went so well,
resulting in Uve now being the first non-Dutch person to take up
permanent employment with this company!
We think that’s wonderful for Uve. We are going to miss him though
because we too enjoyed working with Uve in the past years. Good luck

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